Indian Summer disappears

It’s been a spring-like couple of days, which today disintegrated into a cold rainy afternoon. On the home front life has been very busy, rudely cutting into my knitting and designing time.

We’ve been following Masterchef rather sporadically, but did watch the final episode. It was quite compelling. There’s not much I watch that doesn’t put tears in my eyes these days.

Anyway, knitting wise, the Lace Border bag is nearly finished. I just need to put in a lining and sew in the straps. I’m really happy with the way it’s looking. I hope to have the pattern ready to publish next week.

Yesterday I bought a few balls of Heirloom Cotton 8 Ply with a view to making a Lace patterned bag. I’ve started a tension square. The yarn seems thinner than I expect an 8 ply to be, but it’s knitting up very nicely on the suggested needles. There’ll be enough to measure soon and then I can make my adjustments.

I’m mildly interested in cryptic crosswords, so each week I’ll include a clue from our most recent “The Age” cryptic crossword.
If I can work it out, I’ll give what I think the answer is.
If not, I can laugh at the weirdness of the clue.
We never get the paper with the answers, so I’ll never know if I’m right. This may seem like a pointless exercise.
This week’s clue, from “The Age” Monday, July 20, 2009
Methodical rearrangement of messy attic (10)
This one wasn’t too hard. It’s an anagram (rearrangement) of messy attic = systematic
Methodical = systematic

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