Crocus Swatch

As per standard operating procedures not much action has taken place knit wise.

I’ve done a swatch of crocus stitch using circular needles. I’ve done a couple of measurements on it, but no calculations yet. I like the look of it, and it seems to suit the yarn quite well.

Other than knitting, a lot has been happening.
There’s been an Aussie Rules match to attend.
There’s been a 50th Wedding Anniversary to attend.
There’s been activities to transport children to hither and thither.
There’s been a school music concert to attend.
And of course the usual everyday working, shopping etc.

I’m mildly interested in cryptic crosswords, so each week I’ll include a clue from our most recent “The Age” cryptic crossword.
If I can work it out, I’ll give what I think the answer is.
If not, I can laugh at the weirdness of the clue.
We never get the paper with the answers, so I’ll never know if I’m right. This may seem like a pointless exercise.
This week’s clue, from “The Age” Thursday, July 30, 2009
Exist in macabre Athenian ritual (7)
I must admit, I’ve just this moment opened the paper to find the crossword, so I haven’t done any of it.
This doesn’t immediately jump out at me. I have a feeling it may be an anagram of Exist in
Don’t know much about Athenian rituals. Maybe if I have time to mull over a few other clues, it’ll come to me.

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