How hard can it be?

My Crocus Bag is nearing completion.
In this picture, it’s about to be cast off.

As I’m knitting it in the round, and because of the structure of the stitch pattern, the beginning and the end of the round have the stitch pattern overlapping.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t conceptualise how to write the instructions.
I had to actually knit it to work it out. Even then I wasn’t sure how to write it. Doing a couple of repeats of the pattern, and jotting down what was happening during the second repeat, made it clear.

It’s amazing that the more familiar I became with the stitch pattern, the more mistakes I made and had to go back to repair.
I knew it so well, I’d relaxed into not concentrating so much. A fatal error.

Since this photo was taken, I’ve cast off, and am not sure how to finish it. It looked nice on the circular needles, gathering in at the top. Cast off, it seems a bit too wide open at the top. The possible ideas I have in mind are

  • Folding the top over and threading a drawstring through.
  • Weaving some fine elastic through the band to pull it in a little.
  • Dunno

Once this is decided I’ll know whether straps are required, and think about what type would look good.

Free Knitting Pattern – Lace Border Bag

This is a quite simple bag, knit in stocking stitch, with a lace border and a ribbed edging. It’s a basic rectangular shape. Some woven fabric is required to line the bag.

It would pay to brush up on your slip stitches knitwise, and your p1 tbl or you’ll have the troubles that I initially did in the lace border.

The lace pattern is Wigwams from the knitting series, “Creative Knitting”

Lace Border Bag
Knitting Pattern
Yarn suggested : Heirloom Easy Care 12 ply (or any other Bulky / 12 ply yarn)
Gauge : 19 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches in Stocking (Stockinette) Stitch
Needle size : 5.5 mm / US 9
Meterage : 195 mtrs / 214 yards

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

A fun, and handy bag, quick to knit, and interest added with a lace border. The bag is knitted on smaller needles to create a firmer fabric.

I’m mildly interested in cryptic crosswords, so each week I’ll include a clue from our most recent “The Age” cryptic crossword.
If I can work it out, I’ll give what I think the answer is.
If not, I can laugh at the weirdness of the clue.
We never get the paper with the answers, so I’ll never know if I’m right. This may seem like a pointless exercise.
This week’s clue, from “The Age” Monday, August 10, 2009
Make no allowance for the talk (7)
I’m pretty sure this is lecture but I have no idea why.
Either my brain is failing, or the cryptic crossword is getting harder.
I’m ready to give it up.