What, blog too?

Becoming a home schooling mum on top of my other duties, has seriously curtailed my Ravelry time to a quick look now and then, with no posting. And as for blogging, I have to fit that in too? How is it possible? Geez!! I’ll keep visualising it and it will happen…. occasionally.
Well, I’m still managing to knit. At the moment I’m working on a Tweedy Scarf in a simple knit and purl pattern. It’s showing off the yarn beautifully.

I’m using Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed in the Tartan colour way. I bought the yarn at Morris and Sons Melbourne store. It’s toasty warm yarn. If my knees are a bit cold or sore, I drape the completed parts over my knees while I knit. Lovely! There’s not too far to go with it now. This colour and stitch will be great for a men’s scarf. Or anyone!

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