Tweedy Scarf Completed – Pattern Available Soon

I’ve finished my Tweedy Scarf. It’s lovely and cosy. The stitch pattern is a classic style, especially with this yarn. I love the simplicity of it. When time permits, I am writing up the pattern properly, bit by bit.

I’m now blocking the tension square for a vest design I’m working on. I’m using the Cleckheaton Kaleidiscope yarn. The square is worked in Crossed Rib, and boy am I glad I’m wet blocking it, because it’s spread hugely. That would’ve been a nasty surprise when washing the garment for the first time. My daughters’ opinions on this yarn, when knitted up, were distilled as “awesome”. It seems like I’ll be using this yarn again soon. I’m glad to be getting a couple of requests. I don’t want to be knitting for myself only, but I’m the best guinea pig while I’m still at the early learning stage.