Vest Photo Taken at Last

Winter weather has definitely arrived here. It’s been cold, grey and rainy today and yesterday. Thankfully the full force of today’s rain held off until after the daughters’ netball matches. And both had wins. Yay!

Well I’ve finally got around to having a photo taken of the Sideways Vest. As you can see, I did end up putting ribbing around the armholes. I really like the vest, but I’m not convinced that anyone else would want to knit it. It seems to bulge a little just above the band, which may be off-putting. I let it rest as a “just for me” pattern, and great practice for designing a vest, and a sideways one at that. I’m writing up the pattern properly, just in case I change my mind.

I’m currently waiting impatiently for some Sirdar Escape, which I’ve put on order. It’s to be used for a bag requested by DD1. I’m glad to be making something for someone other than myself. She has chosen the yarn, a general idea of the stitch pattern, and some bamboo handles. I have precious little time for knitting or making calculations at the moment, but nevertheless I am missing the knitting. Those enforced times of waiting are perfect for a few stitches, but alas no knitting for now.

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