The Trellis Bag is begun.

DD1 is due back tonight, and I have at least made a start on her bag, as shown. DD2 deems it “cool”. That’s good enough for me.
It’s been a very gloomy afternoon here, but I still managed to take a half-decent photo in the poor light. The camera want’s to use the flash, but the photos always look better without, unless it’s dark dark. A pain in my left forearm is annoying, but I’m sure it’s not knitting induced, and doesn’t hurt while knitting, only in certain non-knitting positions.

This yarn still looks great, even though knitted much wider than the tension square. It’s exciting seeing it grow.

I’ve started using Microsoft Excel, in a very basic way, to help with calculations based on stitches per cm, weight and measurement of tension square, estimated finished size of pieces and weight and length of balls of yarn. I’ve learnt a lot from Marnie MacLean’s excellent tutorials on the subject in her blog. After doing the same calculations over and over in my notebook and trying to remember, “how did I do this last time?”, it makes sense to put those standard calculations into a spreadsheet, and just enter the relevant numbers. Voila!
The full sweater spreadsheets are a bit overwhelming for me at the moment, so I’m trying to just focus on what I need to do for this little bit I happen to be working on. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand from here. I don’t go too well with blindly following someone elses calculations. I need to do and understand each little bit at a time.

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