Grey Day

It’s been the wettest start to winter for Melbourne in 9 years. Hopefully this means we’re getting back to normal winters, instead of the terribly dry ones we’ve had for so long. The rain held off for our train trip into the city centre today, but had well and truly arrived by the time we came back.

Waiting for the train.
I took DD2 into town to meet up with some friends to go to a birthday party. Then DD1 and I browsed up, down, round and round, all through Myer, to hopefully use some gift cards she’s received. Too much choice, I’m afraid. At least we know now what a huge range of stuff is available there. We were amazed by the cosmetics counters stretching as far as the eye can see.
I’d forgotten what it was like.
As often happens, we saw a couple of people we know. When the city is so crowded, it’s astounding that you can randomly bump into people you know.
The Trellis Bag continues, but a longer piece of the same thing is not interesting enough to include here.
I’m pleased to report that my sore arm is no longer sore. Phew.