Trellis Bag constructed

The Trellis Bag is complete. My theories on it’s construction were all proved as it went along. I’ve taken photos of varying quality during the various construction stages and a couple of completion photos. When there’s more light and more time I’ll take some, hopefully better, photos. Sewing in the lining, sewing the pockets for the rods of the handles and putting it onto the handles all happened at Edendale Farm in Eltham during a Home Education meet up. So I’ve decided to officially name it the Edendale Bag. A quick search of Ravelry tells me that no-one has used this name so far. I have to try and get pattern writing for this piece, in amongst too many commitments for the preservation of sanity. Here is a photo of the bag during construction.

The summer pullover (working title, “Shells’n’Bells”) is progressing well. A couple of days ago I rediscovered the advisability of a life line. Don’t ask me how. This slippy bamboo yarn seems to make it more necessary than usual. A dropped stitch gets away Pretty Damn Quick. I do find life lines a bit awkward, and would rather not use them, but I must reluctantly admit, they are worth doing. I use sewing thread for my life line, as I have found thicker thread/yarn leaving a slight mark where it has displaced the knitting. So, anyway, I would say I have half of the first piece done.

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