Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitt – In test mode

My Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitts are up for test knitting at the moment.  They look very svelte.
I’ve had a couple of takers for test knitting already, and am hoping for just a couple more.  They don’t take long to knit, so I’m hoping the pattern will be all ready for release in a couple of weeks time.

As you can see by the shorts, it’s not really mitt wearing weather here at the moment.  But that doesn’t stop the knitting here, until my hands get sweaty.  Thankfully, it takes quite a lot of heat for that to happen to me.
In other news, I’ve just finished the calculations and rough writing up of a Fair Isle Pullover I’m desigining.  My tension square was interesting in helping work out which colours to use.  A couple that I’d chosen based on their colour on the computer screen, turned out to be too similar to my background colour when seen in real life.
I was desperate to get this written up, ready to start knitting at least by the end of this month, as I’ll be on camp for a little while and must have knitting.  It’s the ideal opportunity to get a lot done.

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