A retro game is aired.

Due to the miraculous appearance of some time, DH has been doing a major clear out.  In the process, Frank Hyde’s Footy Game was unearthed and it came out for an airing this afternoon.

Growing up in the Aussie Rules state of Victoria, I managed to get through my whole childhood not recalling having seen one game of “Footy” on TV.  I refuse to be drawn into the specifics of whether it’s Rugby, Rugby Union, Rugby League or whatever you wish to call it.  The NSW connections of DH may explain the appearance of this game into his dim, distant past.

Here’s the field in play.  Notice the the recuperating dental surgery patient, wearing a bandage as a badge of honour.  I’m not sure how the game went, but I noticed both players scoring at least one ‘try’.

Here’s a closer look at the players.  DH noted that the rules have changed a bit. (One card described a player being dumped on his head!)  The rules may have changed, but I’m sure I’ve seen this done on occasion.

And here’s the spinning wheel which determines which of your players has the next move.

You may, like me, wonder who the hell Frank Hyde is/was.  If so, here’s the news.
Feel free to tell me that this game is now worth lots of money!

On a more sombre note, I’ve been watching, with horror, the news about today’s earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.  It’s very scary.  I really feel for everyone there dealing with worry, fear, injury and even death.  I hope everyone who’s still trapped can be freed safely.

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