Fair Isle Pullover in testing mode

I’ve finished my Fair Isle Pullover, as pictured, and it’s now up for testing.  I’ve rewritten the pattern to hopefully line up the pattern on the sleeves with the body pattern.  If I get a couple of test knitters, this rewrite can be proved or disproved.

I find collars very flattering, and I’m planning to try out different types of collars in upcoming designs.  This first attempt at a collar is a polo collar.  I wasn’t very optimistic about how it would turn out, so I’m really pleased that it actually came out as it’s supposed to.  Yay for me!

I’m forging ahead as fast as I can on a scarf for the Scarf Festival mentioned in my last post.  The pattern for the main body is very easy to remember, so I’ve had no trouble knitting during our family Harry Potter fest.  We’re hoping to watch all the movies before the next one come’s out.  Tonight we saw the Order of the Phoenix.  It’s a shame that chunks of the book have to be left out so that it doesn’t go for too long.  Enjoyable all the same, though.

Once this scarf is complete, I’ve had a request for some leg warmers.  I haven’t done those before, so that’ll be something fun and new to try.