Cosy Leg Warmers

I have some leg warmers underway.  I’m doing my usual trick of slowing down to a complete halt when I have doubts about what I’m doing.  The problem this time is that my row gauge is so different to normal that I like to use measurements in my patterns rather than number of rows.  That’s fine for “until you reach the armholes”, but for stripes of about one inch, it doesn’t work too well.  By the time my stripe measures an inch, what’s still on the needle is going to add to the length, for each and every stripe.  It seems that making mistakes is a mandatory part of learning.  I’m learning a lot!  These leg warmers may end up a couple of inches longer than they are meant to be.  I should plunge on, and see if that still works OK for my daughter’s legs.  Just scrunch them up a bit!  Extra warmth!  But no.  I crawl to a halt.  Must . . . . .  keep . . . . .  going.  If they need to be re-knitted that’s fine.  Have I convinced myself?

I officially give up trying to show the true colour of these leg warmers.  There is a repeating purple stripe in these, but it looks a different colour in every stripe!  The miniscule viewer of my camera doesn’t help.  The colour is actually better than it looked through the viewer.

If I can’t reproduce the colour of legwarmers, I’ll try our Liquid Amber.

Not bad!  The colours this autumn are absolutely gorgeous.  According to news reports, the season leading up to now has been perfect for producing these beautiful colours.  They certainly cheer up a grey day. 🙂
My Fair Isle Pullover is being test knitted.  The colours my testers have chosen are fantastic.  So bright!  I can’t wait to see them finished.

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