Legs are now warm!

The leg warmers are now complete.  I’ve decided not to publish this design, as it bears a remarkable similarity to a pattern my daughter found, to use as inspiration for these.  Even the colours used are similar.
She’s finding that they slip down a little, so I’ll probably put some hat elastic through the top of them.  I don’t think they slip too much, but it won’t hurt to do this anyway.

My next project is a pair of fingerless gloves for the other daughter.  She wants quite long gloves, and why not?  A nice smooth yarn was requested, and so I’d decided to go for Heirloom Celone, only to find that it seems to have dropped of the face of the earth.  I’ve found another Heirloom yarn, which seems even softer.
It’s Heirloom Silk Touch which is exactly the same blend of fibres – 85% Merino, 10% Alpaca and 5% Silk – but not a crepe yarn as the Celone was.  I bought this at Mooroolbark Wool

Having already done a pair of fingerless mitts, I thought I had the whold Thumb Gusset thing down, but after three attempts at all the calculations, and still ending up with an unexpected number of stitches, I’m beginning to wonder.  Hopefully, all will be fine by my next posting.

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