Easterner Cardigan nearing completion

I’m working on a cotton cardigan; the Easterner Cardigan. It’s in Rowan Cotton Glace 5 ply, using earthy tones and a diagonal stitch pattern. I’m using larger needles to create a more open, summery knit. I’m having my usual plant-based-fibre tension/gauge issues. The back had to be knitted twice to get the expected length. I’m waiting to have the whole garment knitted and put together before I expound my theory on gauge for cotton. Bet you’re waiting with bated breath!

Naturally I’ve run out of black yarn when there are only three more rows of it needed. I hope I can get more of the same dye lot, or that black doesn’t vary much with dye lots.

So far, we haven’t had too many hot, sweaty handed days where I don’t manage to knit. I’ve been ploughing on. I’ve been doing a little sewing as well, and have a night dress completed, but for the hem. It’s hard to see the point of buying such simple things, but it’s hard to manage time for everything that needs to be done. The pattern also includes winter pyjamas, so maybe I’ll make some of those when I need more! Thankfully no collar is involved. I find it a bit tricky to make sewn collars look good.