I love/hate Excel

My love/hate relationship with Microsoft Excel is continuing.  I have been periodically complaining about various things:

  • how all those grid lines make the thing hard to look at
  • how the hell did I come up with that figure? (I don’t want to have to click on a cell to see what formula is in there)
  • why can’t I make it be more text focussed with a few figures here and there?

I’ve since been informed that the grid lines can be hidden.  For those that already knew this, well done.  For those slow learners like myself, join me in celebrating!  At last I’m able to make it look the way I want.  I can enter long, descriptive sections which describe exactly what’s going on behind the scenes and I’m not being sent cross eyed by all those grid lines.

So, here’s the difference.  The first screen shot is a section of my spreadsheet with grid lines.


The second screen shot is a similar section of my new spreadsheet, without grid lines.  I’ve been able to make it more word focussed, and have added in lovely little blue comments (my choice of colour) to let me know what’s going on behind the scenes.  I do love a bit of documentation, preferably done by someone else.

My lace cashmere pullover is continuing nicely, with minimal hiccups.  Here’s the front, almost completed.  I’d virtually finished the first sleeve, when a calculation error became apparent. Gah!  Just the sleeve cap to redo.  Could be worse.Pullover front, in progress