It worked!!!

My first effort at designing a cowl collar for a pullover has worked.  On the circular needle, I couldn’t tell if it would sit wide like I wanted it to.  It was all cramped up on the needle.  But it worked!!!  It’s looking just the way I want it to, spreading out beautifully over the shoulders. 🙂  Sadly, you’ll have to wait a little while to see a modelled photo of it, as the weather (indicated by the photo below) cools down a little.  It’s just too hot and humid to bear the thought of wearing such a warm pullover for more than a minute.

I’m using the time to type up the pattern ready for publishing.  The name suggested in this house has been In The Sky With Diamonds, due to the colour and the body pattern, which does look quite diamond shaped.  It was first suggested as Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, but I’ve discovered that there’s a hat pattern by that name, so I’ll try to avoid clashing with that. Technically, summer is over in less than a week, but as is fairly normal in Melbourne, we’re getting hot and humid weather in late February, although more of it than usual.  As published in the Australian Meterology website

Melbourne is set to break a February heat record for the most 30-degree days in the month. The city has already had 12 days of 30-degrees or hotter this month, only two short of the record. On average there are seven days this hot in February. The record is likely to be equalled on Sunday and broken on Monday or Tuesday with low-to-mid 30s forecast for the next few days. There has been a lack of strong cold fronts and a blocking high pressure system over the Tasman Sea has directed north or northeasterly winds over state for much of the time. As a result of the high number of very warm days the city is having one of its hottest Februarys on record. The average maximum so far is 29.2 degrees, about 3.5 degrees above the long-term norm and one degree short of the hottest February on record. The hottest February in the 157 years of records was in 1898 when the average maximum was 30.2 degrees.- Weatherzone© Weatherzone 2013

Hot summer
Hot summer
Not great weather for modelling woollens. 🙂

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