A new project

I’ve been working on a new scarf design.  It’s the Janine Scarf.  It has a double row of bobbles at each end and is knitted in the Vandyke lace stitch.  It’s worked in two peices so that the v’s are both pointing in the same direction when the scarf is worn.  The two pieces are joined by using the three needle cast off. The yarn I’ve used for this is Sirdar Calico.  It’s a DK yarn which is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic.  It seems like a good yarn for a mid-season scarf.  Since these photos were take, I’ve completed the scarf and it’s now blocking.  There was the slight hurdle of first doing the three needle bind off with the wrong sides together instead of right sides together.  Now I’ve had practice tinking a three needle bind off.  It did take a bit of care and concentration.   I found the double bobble edging in Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on the Edge.  I think it’s a really cute addition for a lacy scarf like this.  There’s just a little pattern typing to do and I’ll be there.  When I did my tension square, it seemed like the edges weren’t going curl.  Now that the whole thing’s done I’m not so sure.  If only tension squares behaved like a mini version of the finished product.

Bobble Lace Scarf
Bobble Lace Scarf
In Progress

I’ve also had a pattern appear in the March issue of Yarn Magazine.  That’s issue 29 of the magazine.  The pattern, which I proposed as the Cancerian Vest has appeared in the magazine as the Blue and Green Must Never Be Seen Vest.  It’s a Fair Isle Vest in, who would have guessed, blue and green. I like their name choice!  I’d like to also publish it as the Cancerian Vest when the rights return to me.  It’s worked in Patons Classic Bluebell in the Avocado and Denim.  Added to my Gemini Vest, I’m on my way to an astrological set of vests!

Blue and Green ....
Blue and Green ….

It’s the first time I’ve calculated a neck band for a v-neck pullover.  It worked really well!

My model has requested a scarf for this winter.  I’m looking at using a textured stitch pattern with the new yarn by Cleckheaton, Country Aran.  She likes the look of the Copper colour, so I’ll grab some ASAP to for the tension square and get going.  Can’t have empty needles!


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