Beatles Pullover is go.

The Beatles Pullover I referred to in my last post is now complete.  Here it is!  It turned out really well and is well liked.  There’s just a line visible between the L and the E where I’ve caught the floats.  I’ve obviously got some learning to do on how to avoid that happening.  Suggestions?  Comments?

Beatles Pullover
Beatles Pullover

The lace vest I’m working on is coming along nicely.  I’ve just finished the back and have started on the front.

I’ve also had a design appear in Issue 30 of Yarn Magazine. Yay!  It’s my Hayley Ear Flap Hat.  It’s a quick and cute big needle knit.  Keep your head warm this winter! 🙂


Hayley Ear Flap Hat
Hayley Ear Flap Hat


2 thoughts on “Beatles Pullover is go.

  1. One suggestion re floats is to catch them in different places in different rows so they don’t form a vertical column. I’m glad this is well liked – it deserves to be 😉

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