New Bona Fide Vest Pattern Available

The knitting pattern for my new lovely, timeless Bona Fide Vest is now available!

Lovely Timeless Vest Knitting Pattern - Bona Fide

It’s done in my interpretation of a Guernsey Style Stitch Pattern and has a flattering Turtle Neck collar for added style and warmth for mid-season wear.  I’ve worked it in Cascade 220 Yarn which comes in a massive array of colours, so you’re certainly not limited to the classic grey which I’ve chosen.  The fitted style vest reaches around hip-bone length for that classic vintage look, and increases from the waist to the bust to keep a trim fit.

Visit the pattern page on Ravelry to find out more!

It’s available to buy for $7.00 USD.

Post holiday return to knitting


It’s great to take photos to appreciate the big picture look of the piece.  It’s revealing itself to be a lovely, timeless pullover/sweater, and a knitting pattern will be available when test knitting has confirmed all the lovely details.

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A new lovely timeless knitting pattern


The West-Northwest Pullover can now been seen on the Pullovers and Cardigans page.

It was one of those designs where I was wondering, “Am I crazy to be doing this?”.  For some reason, these always end up to be my favourites.  It’s worked in a 4ply/Fingering yarn and covered in small rib, cables and twist stitches, hence my doubts about my own state of mind.  And of course a collar, which is so simple but transforms it to another level.  The outcome is so worth it.  I love the vintage look that I ended up with!

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Plodding slowly

We’re having a very out-of-routine few weeks at the moment, so very little is getting done on the knitting front.  As I’d already picked up the stitches for an armhole for the Virgo Vest one evening, I managed to knit the armhole band in the car yesterday. So, as you can see, I have the neck band and one armhole band completed.  Don’t hold your breath, but I’ll get there in the end.

Virgo Vest
Virgo Vest

I’m already thinking about what I’m going to design when this vest is completed.  The plan is for a small lace bag (what is it with me and lace?) worked in a cotton/linen blend.  When on a trip into town on Monday, I visited Clegs on the off chance that I’d find the sort of thing I was after.  Having failed in my search on their website, due no doubt to my lack of skills, while wandering the shelves I managed to find some Katia Linen.  “Ooooh!”, I exclaimed, and purchased it at once.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Alpaca Lace Vest nearly there

My alpaca lace vest is nearing completion.  The front an back are both finished and are currently blocking.  Here is a picture of the back before blocking.  It looks rather crumpled here, but the blocking is doing it wonders.

Virgo Vest
Virgo Vest


Tonight, I’ll be able to sew it together and measure up to calculate the required stitches for the neck band and armhole bands.  Now to see if I have the right sized circular needle for the bands! The yarn is a little fuzzy, so I wasn’t sure how well the pattern would be visible, but it looks fine in this photo.

It’s great that it’ll be ready for Southern Hemisphere Spring wear, and Northern Hemisphere Autumn/Fall wear.  A win for everybody!!

Beatles Pullover is go.

The Beatles Pullover I referred to in my last post is now complete.  Here it is!  It turned out really well and is well liked.  There’s just a line visible between the L and the E where I’ve caught the floats.  I’ve obviously got some learning to do on how to avoid that happening.  Suggestions?  Comments?

Beatles Pullover
Beatles Pullover

The lace vest I’m working on is coming along nicely.  I’ve just finished the back and have started on the front.

I’ve also had a design appear in Issue 30 of Yarn Magazine. Yay!  It’s my Hayley Ear Flap Hat.  It’s a quick and cute big needle knit.  Keep your head warm this winter! 🙂


Hayley Ear Flap Hat
Hayley Ear Flap Hat


How many pattern multiples to fit ……

I’ve had ideas to design an alpaca lace vest.  I’ve knitted up my swatch in Heirloom Alpaca using a Falling Leaf lace pattern.  My thought was to have a button up vest, but the size of the multiples doesn’t make that easy.  It’s working out to 5.3cm per pattern multiple. For the five sizes I’m planning, that would give 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 multiples at the waist, and this stitch pattern doesn’t halve very well.  For the odd numbers (7 and 9), I could drop one repeat and have 3 or 4 repeats for the left and right front, then make up the dropped repeat with a 5.3cm button band.  That’s a pretty wide button band in anyone’s language.  For the odd numbers it just wouldn’t work, and I don’t want to limit it to two sizes.  That’s just not enough. But I love this stitch pattern in this yarn.  What to do?  Well, instead of making it a button up vest, I’ve decided it will be a pullover vest, with a scoop neck.  I can design another button up vest later on.

Alpaca Lace Vest swatch
Alpaca Lace Vest swatch

However, the vest will have to wait for the moment.  In the meantime, I’ve had a request for a Beatles pullover from my youngest.  I’ve found a pattern for a Beatles Needle Case on Ravelry. In my collection of magazines I have the pattern for the Quilting a la Knitting pullover, by Norah Gaughan.  This pullover is in the shape and yarn weight requested, so I’m just making it in one colour, plonking in the Beatles design at the front and changing the neckline as requested.  I find this much stocking stitch pretty boring, but I’ve found a lot of pluses.  It’s a lot faster than using a stitch pattern and I can knit for cms without having to refer to the pattern.  I’m making great headway.  At this rate I should be finished a lot sooner than I estimated, so it will hopefully get plenty of winter wear. (Southern hemisphere). 🙂  The yarn I’m using is Cleckheaton Country Aran, which is the same yarn that I used for the Kinematics Scarf, but this time in the cream colourway.

Beatles pullover
Beatles pullover


Kinematics Scarf pattern now available

The free pattern for my Kinematics Scarf is now available. The Kinematics Scarf is a warm, woollen scarf in a very simple, but awesome Cable stitch.

The yarn used is Cleckheaton Country Aran in Copper. It’s a 100% wool yarn in Aran/10 ply weight.  It’s a lovely soft, warm yarn, even more so in this Cable stitch.

Kinematics Scarf free knitting pattern
Kinematics Scarf free knitting pattern

Kinematics Scarf

Knitting Pattern

Yarn Suggested: Cleckheaton Country Aranor any other 10 ply / Aran yarn. 50gm balls, 87 meters (95 yards)
Gauge:36 sts = 10cm(4 in) in Simple Cable Stitch
Needle Size: 5.5mm
Meterage: 340 m (372 yards)
Sizes Available: 11.5cm (4½ in) x 171cm (67¼ in)

This pattern is available to download free from Ravelry

download now

Remember, this pattern is so easy, you could design something similar yourself.  See my previous post for instructions on how to do so. Have fun!!!