First with the latest

Yet again, I’m the first use a new Heirloom brand yarn on Ravelry.  Dye lot 001 again!  This time it’s Heirloom Shetland 10ply, pictured. 
Previously it’s been Heirloom Celone, which is a gorgeous blend of wool, alpaca and silk. And I’m still the only one linking to Celone. My philosophy, if that’s what you want to call it, is to use yarns Aussies can easily find in their Local Yarn Store. Is that a good tack to take? The Celone is a lovely yarn, so I don’t know why others aren’t linking to it. Maybe if the Heirloom company put up some patterns using this yarn, it may get more of a go. Or maybe they don’t have pattern leaflets in the store. I haven’t looked for them.
The Heirloom Shetland is a harder feel than the yarns I’m used to, but I think it’s going to make some lovely warm mitts, which is my reason for buying it.

More irons in the fire.
I’ve put in a submission to a magazine. Yay me! And I’ve been contacted by them with suggestions. So I’m going to go ahead and knit the cowl I’m proposing. If they don’t end up going with it, I’ll publish it here and on Ravelry. But they sound interested at least. This is a whole new world for me. Another learning curve!
Also, I have my Abundance pullover in for testing with a few fantastic Ravelry members. So that’s another job, checking on their progress, being available to answer queries and to correct any errors this reveals.
I’m trying to maintain the rest of my life, while squeezing in this knitting fun. Or is it the other way around.

Abundantly knitted up.

Yay!  All finished and sewn up.  I love the look of it. The modelling and photography talent in this household isn’t top notch, so we’re still working on that.  But here’s one photo to give you an idea.

I’ve got the pattern pretty well typed up. I just need to put it all together now – pattern, schematic, stitch charts, photos. And it’ll be ready to put out for test knitting. I hope I get a few takers.

I’m just so pleased that following Shirley Paden’s guidelines for shaping armholes and sleeve caps, I’ve come up with such a proper looking pullover. And first time!

I’ve knitted a sample square for a cowl. Next is the laundering and measuring so I can do all my calculations.  Onward and upward!

What a difference a blocking makes

We’ve gone from a crumpled piece of fabric to a smooth, nicely shaped sleeve.  It’s fascinating to see them side by side.

Well, all pieces are now made, and currently blocking. I’ll be writing up the pattern, and getting on to making up the pullover. Fingers crossed.

Of course, drawing near to the end of one project prompts thoughts about the next. This time I’m entering the secret world of magazine submissions. This is something I’ve never done before, so it’s all new to me. I’ve started on a sample square for a cowl (and that’s all I can say). Once that’s done, I’ll check the submissions guidelines for my chosen target. It should be an interesting exercise, if only for learning how to submit to magazines.

I’ve changed my PayPal account from Personal to Premier, so can now accept credit card payments. I didn’t know that I couldn’t take credit card payments till yesterday. I don’t know if that’s stopped anyone from buying, but at least it’s not an issue. If your credit card payment doesn’t work, please let me know.

If it looks like a sleeve cap…….

……it must be a sleeve cap.  All those calculations must be pretty well correct!  Well, one sleeve completed, blocked and fitted (with the aid of safety pins).  It seems OK!  The blocking has made an enormous difference to the piece.  When I’m finished the second sleeve, I’m going to photograph the blocked one and the non-blocked one side by side, to demonstrate the difference that blocking makes.  And this isn’t forceful blocking, it’s just laundering the piece as the finished garment will be laundered, and laying it out while still damp.
As usual, as I’m drawing to the end of one piece, my mind is jumping ahead to the next design.  DD2 has expressed interest in some arm and leg warmers.  I’m thinking about what yarn and stitch pattern to use.  I’m thinking of using the same stitch pattern on each, but to a different scale.  I’ve got a few ideas.  It will be the absolute wrong season to be working on these, but what the heck.  It’s nice to be asked for something, instead of knitting for myself all the time.  I’m loathe to knit items for people, unsolicited, as I don’t want to be pushing my interest onto others.  I’m very happy for people to ask for something.

Abundance sleeves looking good

The back and front of the pullover are finished and I’m onto the sleeves.  They look a little narrow, but I’m pushing on, so I can finish and block them, then I’ll really know about the size.  It is a bit disconcerting when the blocked size can vary a lot from the size while knitting.  It makes me very anxious, so I have to force myself to continue, rather than grinding to a halt with worry.  The pieces do at least look to be the right sort of shape, so that’s encouraging.

This month I’m the knitting Designer in the Spotlight in the Budding Designers Downunder group on Ravelry.  If you want to get in on the KAL pop into the Budding Designers Downunder group and look at the Designer Spotlight – Sharon Slarke thread.  I’m hoping I get a few more finished projects of items using my designs.  A bit more visibility would be great.