If it looks like a sleeve cap…….

……it must be a sleeve cap.  All those calculations must be pretty well correct!  Well, one sleeve completed, blocked and fitted (with the aid of safety pins).  It seems OK!  The blocking has made an enormous difference to the piece.  When I’m finished the second sleeve, I’m going to photograph the blocked one and the non-blocked one side by side, to demonstrate the difference that blocking makes.  And this isn’t forceful blocking, it’s just laundering the piece as the finished garment will be laundered, and laying it out while still damp.
As usual, as I’m drawing to the end of one piece, my mind is jumping ahead to the next design.  DD2 has expressed interest in some arm and leg warmers.  I’m thinking about what yarn and stitch pattern to use.  I’m thinking of using the same stitch pattern on each, but to a different scale.  I’ve got a few ideas.  It will be the absolute wrong season to be working on these, but what the heck.  It’s nice to be asked for something, instead of knitting for myself all the time.  I’m loathe to knit items for people, unsolicited, as I don’t want to be pushing my interest onto others.  I’m very happy for people to ask for something.