Birthday Party Preparations

We’re preparing for a 13th birthday party tomorrow. Cheesecake has been chosen and made as the birthday cake. Junk food has been bought. (And fruit for a fruit salad.)

We have a simple, but great book out from the library, “Fabulous Fashion Crafts” by Tracy Nelson Maurer. There’s a lovely belt in there, to be made from ribbons and beads. This will be a party activity, and the girls will have something to take home with them. I’ve cut all the ribbons to the right length, and here they are, all laid out. I hope they won’t all want to use the same colours. I’m sure we’ll come to some sort of an agreement.

I’m glad I did a trial threading of ribbon through beads, as the holes in the beads weren’t quite big enough. Mr Unyewshual came to the rescue with a drill. Problem solved!