Tying up the loose ends

I’ve been finishing up a few things.  I actually finished this bookmark a couple of months ago, but it’s taken me a couple of months to get around to taking a photo of it.  It’s the Tell Me a Tail Bookmark designed by Christine Jeffery.  It was, notionally, for a February KAL.  Well, here it is May, and I’m finally posting the finished product.

Next on the finishing pile has been my scarf to enter into this year’s scarf festival.  I have to send it off in the next couple of days or I’ll miss out. : (  I’ve knitted it from Sublime Soya Cotton which I found at Wondoflex.  It’s a type of yarn I’ve not used before and felt very much like cotton to knit with.  I’ve made it fairly short so that the weight of the cotton won’t drag it down.  I banged it out fairly quickly, but hopefully it’s deserving of a place in the festival.

Tragically, I have nothing on the needles at the moment.  I’m all lined up to do some leg warmers for daughter number 2.  Our trip to Spotlight to choose yarn was very disappointing, so we’re off to look elsewhere tomorrow.  The idea is for stripes of purple and multi-colour purple, in a cable rib pattern.  Stand by.  I’ll keep you posted.

Lace Ended Scarf Complete

My new Lace Ended Scarf is finished. So far, this is the design I love the most, out of the ones I’ve done so far. It’s really simple, and maybe that’s the key. To my eye, it looks elegant. It remains to be seen whether others see it that way too. The next thing to do is to write up the pattern, and perhaps have it test knitted. It’s so simple, I’m not sure whether test knitting is necessary, but it’s probably worth doing anyway.

My Lace Rib Vest is currently being test knitted. I can’t wait to see how my testers go with it. No problems so far.

Now, what to do next. I have ideas for a hat floating around in my mind. I’ll be consulting my stitch dictionary as soon as possible to see what I can find.

Lace Ended Scarf under way

The sample for my new Lace Ended Scarf is fairly well under way. It’s a pretty easy knit. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s a relief to be doing some stocking stitch for a change. After all that lace in the vest, it’s great to have some concentration free knitting. There should be more done than this, but we’re still in Summer Holiday mode. 🙂

Happy New Year

Well it’s nearly New Year. Hope you had a great Christmas and that you’ll have a wonderful New Year.

My Trellis Rib Vest is complete. I’m currently looking for test knitters to try out the pattern. It’s my first truly “wearable” design (apart from a hat) and am very pleased that it fits the way I intended. As my first multi-size piece, I’m only including three sizes. If they succeed, I’ll feel confident to branch out into more sizes. I’m trying to limit myself to baby steps.

In the mean time, I’ve started work on a new scarf design. It’ll be a fairly narrow, short scarf, with lace at each end. I’ve done most of my calculations, and bought the yarn today. I’m using Heirloom Celone in, what I’d call sage green.