Fingerless Mitts – Pattern Now Available

Testing is complete, and the pattern for my Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitts is now available.
These mitts are knitted in the round and have a thumb gussett for a comfortable fit.  There is a panel of the Leafy Squares pattern along the back of the arm and hand.  These are knit in a 10 ply yarn.  I’ve used Heirloom Shetland 10 ply, which has resulted in beautiful and toasty warm mitts.

Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitts
Knitting Pattern
Yarn Suggested: Heirloom Shetland 10 ply or any Aran/10 ply yarn
Gauge: 18 stitches = 4 inches in Stocking/Stockinette Stitch
Needle Size: 5mm double pointed needles
Meterage: 160 mtrs / 175 yards

This pattern is available to buy from Ravelry for $US 3.00

Fair Isle continues

I think this is a pretty good effort for one week of non-concerted effort.  A tension square was absolutely necessary, especially in helping to select colours.  I’d initially chosen yarn colours from a webpage.  When I knitted up the tension square, I could see that a couple of them didn’t have enough contrast with the main colour.  So I went for a deeper version of those colours, and they’re working out really well.
All of the fair isle patterns I’m using have an odd number of rows, so the new colour starts at one end, and finishes at the other end.  Odd numbers of rows and stitches do seem to look better in a lot of designs.  Maybe that’s a standard thing with fair isle; I don’t know.  I suppose this means the ends will be woven in evenly along both sides, but I’m finding it a bit annoying.  I was thinking that having all the ends at one side would mean I could tie them off against each other.
The rib band wants to flip up, so I’ve had to weight it down with a couple of balls of yarn for the photo.
Both the Abundance Pullover and the Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitts are coming to the end of their test phase.  I’m hoping to have more news on them soon.
Exciting news:  I’ve had a design accepted with a magazine!  I’ll have to contain my excitement until June, when it will be published.

Venture into Fair Isle

The Fair Isle Pullover I mentioned in my previous post is now underway, as pictured.
It’s nice to see it at a distance like this.  When I’m knitting, I’m too close up to see how the pattern’s really looking.  Hmm.  Looks a bit narrow, now that I see it like this.  I’ll have to do another measure, to make sure its’s big enough.

My two current test knits which are underway, the Abundance Pullover and the Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitts, are coming along nicely.  One of each is finished, and they look great.  I’m not sure what to do with the pullover, as my testers are finding that it blocks bigger than it should.  When all are done, I’ll have to go over all the final measurements, and see if I can adjust the pattern to fix this.

Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitt – In test mode

My Leafy Squares Fingerless Mitts are up for test knitting at the moment.  They look very svelte.
I’ve had a couple of takers for test knitting already, and am hoping for just a couple more.  They don’t take long to knit, so I’m hoping the pattern will be all ready for release in a couple of weeks time.

As you can see by the shorts, it’s not really mitt wearing weather here at the moment.  But that doesn’t stop the knitting here, until my hands get sweaty.  Thankfully, it takes quite a lot of heat for that to happen to me.
In other news, I’ve just finished the calculations and rough writing up of a Fair Isle Pullover I’m desigining.  My tension square was interesting in helping work out which colours to use.  A couple that I’d chosen based on their colour on the computer screen, turned out to be too similar to my background colour when seen in real life.
I was desperate to get this written up, ready to start knitting at least by the end of this month, as I’ll be on camp for a little while and must have knitting.  It’s the ideal opportunity to get a lot done.

Now, where was I?

The normal duties of everyday life have rudely taken me away from my knitting and design. Dreadful!

But a few things have progressed.

The Abundance Pullover is currently being test knitted by five lovely testers on Ravelry.

After having to re-knit a few mistakes, the cowl is finished and has been sent to a magazine publisher for consideration.

I’ve knit one of a pair of fingerless mitts that I’ve designed, and am half way through the second. I was reminded today why knitting a pattern which requires concentration, and doing increases on every third row, is not a good idea while enjoying excellent company and conversation. Dammit! Yet again, it’s the small items which thwart me.