Tying up the loose ends

I’ve been finishing up a few things.  I actually finished this bookmark a couple of months ago, but it’s taken me a couple of months to get around to taking a photo of it.  It’s the Tell Me a Tail Bookmark designed by Christine Jeffery.  It was, notionally, for a February KAL.  Well, here it is May, and I’m finally posting the finished product.

Next on the finishing pile has been my scarf to enter into this year’s scarf festival.  I have to send it off in the next couple of days or I’ll miss out. : (  I’ve knitted it from Sublime Soya Cotton which I found at Wondoflex.  It’s a type of yarn I’ve not used before and felt very much like cotton to knit with.  I’ve made it fairly short so that the weight of the cotton won’t drag it down.  I banged it out fairly quickly, but hopefully it’s deserving of a place in the festival.

Tragically, I have nothing on the needles at the moment.  I’m all lined up to do some leg warmers for daughter number 2.  Our trip to Spotlight to choose yarn was very disappointing, so we’re off to look elsewhere tomorrow.  The idea is for stripes of purple and multi-colour purple, in a cable rib pattern.  Stand by.  I’ll keep you posted.

Fair Isle Pullover nearing completion

I’ve been in a big rut, just not feeling 100%.  I’m on the way back up now. 
Here are some photos of a Fair Isle Pullover sleeve, one in progress and one completed.

Although I don’t have any photos to show it, the pullover is now nearly finished.  It’s all sewn up, collar knitted, and I’m now in the process of weaving in ends.  There are tons of them!  I spent ages on it last night and there’s still lots to go.
I used Shirley Paden’s “Knitwear Design Workshop” to work out how to do a polo collar.  It’s worked out beautifully!  I’m feeling like an awesome clever clogs!!  ๐Ÿ™‚
I wanting to get this finished so I can get going on a scarf for this year’s Scarf Festival which is being hosted by the National Wool Museum in Geelong.  I haven’t done this before.  It should be fun!
Go on.  Take the plunge and design a scarf for this festival!  Entries close on the 6th of May.  This year’s theme is the Rhythm of Life.

Scarves are great to start designing with.  No shaping issues!  You can just knit till you’ve had enough and then stop.  Entry forms are available from the linked page.