Winter’s slowly ending?

It’s been so cold and rainy for so long now, but the glow of the Happy Wanderer manages to penetrate through the gloom and make the cubby house look even better!

All in good time the sun comes out, and Kitty B keeps watch for us. 🌞

For the first time ever, I’ve had a blocked ear for over a week. Is this a symptom of advancing age and a cold dry winter? A doctor’s visit has me using ear drops for even longer than the bottle suggests and waiting to go back for another visit next week. I’m getting used to a constantly blocked ear, and that’s probably not a good thing. 😅

While I’m waiting on yarn for my next project, I’m using up some leftover De Rerum Natura Albertine to make a #3 Slouchy Hat, from the now sadly discontinued Knit Simple magazine, Winter 2018. One of the most incredible features of Ravelry, is the ability to search patterns within your own library, by amount and weight of yarn used. It’s absolutely fabulous for finding ways to use up specific amounts of specific yarns! You can do this in the Advance Pattern search area. Tick the “In my library” box, tick the relevant box in the Meterage/Yardage area, tick the box for the relevant yarn weight in the Weight area, and all the possible patterns that you already own, pop up for you to browse. How fantastic! If you want to be even more specific, you can filter for type of Fibre, category of pattern and lots of other things. How do you go about searching for patterns to use up leftover yarn?