A big catch up with two new knitting patterns

My most recent knitting pattern for my new lovely, timeless Dilettante Cushion Cover  is now available!

Dilettante Cushion Cover

It’s done in a classic jacquard style, stranded colourwork pattern and is worked in the round for faster knitting and minimal finishing.  I’ve worked it in Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumperweight,  which comes in a massive array of colours. I’ve chosen shades 87 and 9144, but any dark and light colour combo could work, with colours which compliment your decor, or give a beautiful impact of contrast.  The cover stretches to fit a 30cm x 40cm (12 in x 16 in) cushion insert, or you can stuff with loose filling, as I’ve done.

Visit the pattern page on Ravelry to find out more!

It’s available to buy for $5.25 USD.

Then going back to December last year, I also published a Men’s Pullover pattern, a long time in the making. The design work didn’t take to long, but I’m not fast with Fair Isle, so the sample took quite some time, when I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it. And here it is – the Catchword Pullover now available!

Catchword Pullover

This is a timeless Fair Isle style, men’s stranded colourwork pullover, with the modern touch of some whimsical wording across the chest. I’ve worked it in Heirloom (Australia) Easy Care 8 ply,  which comes in a lovely array of 54 colours as of today. The intended wearer can choose their own colours for maximised chance of wearing. Some contrasts look great in the ball, but not so good knitted up, as I found. A tension square/gauge swatch is the only safe way to confirm the colour choices.

Visit the pattern page on Ravelry to find out more!

It’s available to buy for $5.50 USD.