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Patterns for knitters with a love of detail and classic styling.


Wakefulknits creates knitting patterns with classic styling, interesting to knit and with beautiful detailing to create pieces you can love.  I provide clear, thorough instructions which respect those wonderful skills which you’ve spent time and effort to gain.  I’ll love the quirky sense of humour that you fantastically smart, weird people bring with you.  Bring the weird!

Although having been a knitter for most of her life, it wasn’t until a copy of Stitch ’n bitch Nation arrived in her hands that Sharon Slarke first realised that she could attempt designing hand knits herself.

Who knows how it was done before knit design books were available? Maybe designers sprang into the world fully formed.  For Sharon, becoming aware that these resources were available made her realise that she too could become a designer.  She now designs her own lovely pieces which have detailed stitch patterns to keep your interest piqued to the last stitch – For knitters with a love of detail and classic styling.

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